Chapman and Associates

The Microsoft Certified Trainer as a Successful Business

This seminar will help both new and experienced Trainers run their business in the new economy.

In this seminar will cover:

Ø  Marketing as a Trainer

Ø  Contracts and Negotiation

Ø  Accounting and Billing

Ø  Taxes Taxes Taxes

Ø  Collections

Ø  Driving into your Market

Ø  Niche and Reputation Building

Ø  Building your Skills

Ø  Expanding your Markets

Custom Technology and Courseware for the Certified Partner for Learning Solutions

This two day seminar is designed to help the CPLS Sales and Operations professionals learn the avaialble technologies and courseware to sell deeper into their clients.  It is taught by a former Microsoft Learning professional who uses his years of experience with Microsoft, the CPLS Channel and the Micrsoft Certified Trainer community to enhance their sales techniques and knowledge.

This seminar will cover the following topics.

Ø  Custom MOC

Ø  Courseware Library

Ø  Learning the Technology Curve

Ø  Designing Custom Courses

Ø  Driving your Trainers Skills



SharePoint Power User

This two day seminar covers advanced power user skills for the SharePoint user.

The topics covered include

Ø  Site Creatioon

Ø  List Management

Ø  Workflows

Ø  SharePoint Designer

Ø  Site Security and User Management

Ø  Web Parts

Ø  Template Management


Custom Office Troubleshooting

This two day seminar is designed to teach the support professional how to deal with installation, upgrade and support of Office 2007.

The topics covered include:

Ø  Installation

Ø  Upgrade

Ø  New Features of Office 2007/2010

Ø  Open XML formats

Ø  Troubleshooting

Ø  Security